What are the Smart Grids?


The concept refers to the the incorporation of "intelligence" to electric grids operation through the use of new technologies. 


A Smart Grid incorporates Information Technologies and Telecommunications, Sensors and Advanced Measurement to modernize the electrical grid operation in order to incorporate reliability and efficiency, both economical and technical.







Why Smart Grid?


Globally, the main drivers to add value through the application of new technologies to electricity networks are:



  • Economical competitiveness
  • Renewable energies integration
  • Demand integration
  • Technologies integration



Smart Grid applications


Smart Grid applications are very diverse, below are listed the most important:


  • Demand management
  • Active administration
  • Renewable energies 
  • Efficiency in the system




Technologies used in the Smart Grids


Some of the technologies used in the Smart Grids are the listed below:


  • Information technologies and communication
  • Measurement, control and automation 
  • Power electronics and energy storage






Smart Grid Definition



The Smart Grid concept consists in the incorporation of “intelligence” to the electric grids operation through the use of new technologies.


This “intelligence” enables the integration of this resources to the electrical grid:

• Distributed generation

• Renewable generation sources

• Energy storage systems


Furthermore, it will allow the implementation of demand control mechanisms and automatic measurement. Needed functions for the generation of diferente types of products required in the wholesale and retail electricity markets.


In the new law “Ley de la Industria Eléctrica” it is defined as:


“Electrical grid that integrates measurement, monitoring, communication and operational advanced technologies, among others, to improve the efficiency, reliability, quality or safety of the National Electricity System”





Our mission is to encourage the development and establishment of smart grids in Mexico regarding reliability, efficiency, security and sustainability principles.



Our job objectives:


• Do studies, articles and other publications that encourage the development of Smart Grids.

• Disseminate and inform providers and consumers the benefits of the Smart Grids through courses, workshops and conferences for the promotion and dissemination of Smart Grids associated knowledge.

• To link together research and education institutions with industry in order to encourage and lead research and development activities, as well as educational programs about Smart Grid in Mexican context and needs.

• To link together public and private institutions in order to allow the harmonic growth of Smart Grid's solutions in Mexico preserving the public interest.

•Participate actively in the formulation of public policies for the development of Smart Grids. 


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